Boffintronics Solder Breadboards

Have you ever had wires or components fall out of your solderless breadboard just as you are preparing to show it off ? Or maybe just picked up an older project and wondered why it doesn’t work anymore? Or worse, where did all the parts go!? We have! And that’s why we created these awesome solder breadboards.

Solder breadboards, or perfboards as they are sometimes called, are a great way to ruggedize and replicate your favorite breadboard creations.

This board matches standard white and transparent 400 tie-point breadboards.

Designed with the same row and column layout as standard solderless plugin breadboards, transferring or copying a design couldn’t be easier.

The rows and columns are labeled just like the solderless breadboards for easy reference, the circuit pads are gold plated for superior solderability and the white soldermask makes your projects look awesome!

Now available for purchase at
Solder Breadboard 170
Solder Breadboard 170 with Power Rails
Solder Breadboard 400

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