Connect C64 and Atari Joysticks to a Raspberry Pi

My love for the Commodore 64 runs deep. It was my first computer and I spent many hours playing games. I still have my original C64 and I still bring it out on occasion, but with the Raspberry Pi and Retropie I find it a better solution for a quick nostalgia hit. I’ve also been enjoying the experience of showing my kids the programs and games that I grew up on.┬áThe only downside is that using a keyboard or a USB gamepad just isn’t the same as my original C64 joystick.

This adapter board allows you to use your classic C64 and Atari joysticks with a Raspberry Pi for maximum authenticity. This board is compatible with any add on program that interprets Raspberry Pi GPIO signals.

This adapter also pairs great with PetRockBlock’s ControlBlock or GamepadBlock. Full hookup instructions for both of those boards to follow.

Purchase one at Addicore



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