How to use the Boffintronics C64 Board with PetRockBlock’s GamepadBlock

PetRockBlock has also come up with the GamepadBlock. The GamepadBlock adds 17 inputs for additional joysticks or buttons. The GamepadBlock connects to a computer as a standard USB Human Interface Device (HID). Since HID is a standard protocol, the GamepadBlock can be used with Windows, Mac, Linux, and many other systems.


Addicore is the exclusive US distributor for all of PetRockBlock’s boards, including the GamepadBlock. Addicore also carries the Boffintronics C64 Board as well as hookup wires.

The GamepadBlock does not have separate inputs for Player 1 and Player 2 as the ControlBlock has, just numbered inputs 1-17. To make things simple, I hook up Player 1 on the left and Player 2 on the right.


To hook them up, connect the following wires;

Joystick Input C64 Board GamepadBlock
Player 1 – Right Pin 21 Terminal 1
Player 1 – Left Pin 22 Terminal 2
Player 1 – Up Pin 19 Terminal 3
Player 1 – Down Pin 11 Terminal 4
Player 1 – Button Pin 16 Terminal 5
Player 2 – Right Pin 13 Terminal 9
Player 2 – Left Pin 7 Terminal 10
Player 2 – Up Pin 3 Terminal 11
Player 2 – Down Pin 5 Terminal 12
Player 2 – Button Pin 12 Terminal 13
Joystick Ground Pin 6 Terminal GND

For the GamepadBlock to work correctly with the C64 board, the firmware must be updated to at least version 1.2.0. The instructions to update the firmware is here.

Set the DIP switches to the correct mode for C64 and Atari controllers. (A=1, B=0, C=1). This mode allows for the best functionality in the C64 emulator VICE as well as MAME.


Note: If you are using the GamepadBlock on a Linux based system, such as the Raspberry Pi, you will need to patch the OS to allow for 2 player functionality. The instructions for the patch is located here.

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